Instrumental Productions is no longer in active business.
You may see the new company, Unstoppable Pacific Productions

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The Videos!
They are all online now, thanks to the wonderful Google Video Service! Keep in mind that most of these were made in the mid to late 90s (and some of them even earlier than that!). All of this was done before the age of DV Cameras. I edited these on my old Powermac with an MJPEG card, Analog 8mm videotape, old school. I think these movies would be 100x easier to make, and 100x nicer-looking if made on Todays equipment. I have often thought about re-editing Perfect Instrument to make it less boring and with better, quicker cuts and sound effects using modern computer technology. One day I just may. Until then, enjoy.

Dan Fiction - Made for the 10-year(?) anniversary roast for Dan.
Epilogue - The last movie I ever made. Short and sweet.
Instruments - The first horror movie that we made, that was the longest one we had made at the time (late 80s).
Mr Miami Man - An old home movie we made in the mid-80s.
Perfect Instrument - The longest most advanced movie I made. It was a hard time editing this as I only could afford 2gb of disk space so had to edit one scene at a time, and burn off multiple CDs. What a pain.
Silent Death - This was made for Cheri's anniversary roast.
Trailer for Perfect Instrument - Something to whet people's appetites.
Trailer for Silent Death - Something to whet people's appetites.